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I'm a frontend developer in NYC, where I focus on React, JavaScript/TypeScript, and NodeJS. I love learning the newest technologies to create great web experiences. I'm currently at Great Jones, where I'm working as a frontend dev on a team to build React apps.

Previously, I worked at Kip, where I worked on a Slack bot built with NodeJS and later worked in a team creating an entirely new frontend in React.


Great Jones

(December 2017 - Present) Worked in a team to create a new frontend for a owner portal in React and TypeScript 路 Managed multiple frontends, including a NextJS Marketing homepage, an Owner Portal, an Administration Portal 路 Oversaw creation and development of a brand new onboarding form, with complex states 路 Worked with a GraphQL backend, styling with a combination of Material UI and Styled Components 路 Restructured large projects to use modern technologies like React Hooks


(November 2016 - August 2017) Worked in a small team to create a team commerce focused bot 路 Created a new React Webapp from the ground up, including interacting with an API with Redux and Styling with SASS/SCSS

Chubb Insurance

(Summer 2014 - Summer 2015) Worked with the Digital Business team to create internal HTML and JavaScript apps for testing and searching 路 Created complex modular JavaScript grids including session storage, searching, and sorting 路 Worked in Claims IT to upgrade applications from VB6 to VB.Net, as well as Task Tray apps to aid in switching servers, parsing SQL

The Brown and White

(August 2015 - June 2016) Worked in a team to produce a student run print newspaper twice weekly, and daily web articles 路 Coordinated a team of photographers to cover events 路 Processed Photos for print and web 路 Aided work on Wordpress Site, including setting up A/B testing with Parsely

Lehigh University

(August 2014 - December 2015) Graded labs, homework, and exams for Lehigh Computer Science Courses 路 Held weekly office hours to assist students with homework and classes 路 Assisted Professor with Labs for beginner CS students, in Java, HTML, and JavaScript

Personal Projects

  • Spotify Autoplaylists

      JavaScriptReactReduxCSS in JS/EmotionSCSSWebpackNodeJSExpressGraphQLMongoose

    A website that will create and update playlists for your most played and recently added music


  • @MagicGifsBot

      Twitter APIGiphy APIPython

    A little twitter bot that might respond with a gif!


  • Positive News

      EJSExpressNodeJSSentiment AnalysisNews API

    An experiment in identifying positivity and sentiment in news


  • This Site!

      ReactIsomorphic ReactGraphQLExpressCSS in JS/EmotionSCSSWebpackNodeJS

    Just a personal landing page. Check out to see where all the data is coming from!